The Flying Dishman Is An Outdoor Daybed Designed To be Shared With Friends

Weltevree has collaborated with designer Joep van Lieshout, to create ‘The Flying Dishman’, an outdoor daybed that’s partly made from recycled waste containers.

The name of the Flying Dishman refers to the myth of the Flying Dutchman: a ghost ship forced to sail the seven seas forever. 
Joep explains how this myth of the eternally traveling ship touches upon important environmental topics: “The ongoing travel underlines the continuous circle of recycling: the current fate of the ocean and the plastic soup’s contradiction between sustainability and ecological disaster.”

By using recycled plastics, the daybed can withstand daily weather conditions and requires next to no maintenance.

The circular design of the daybed allows for a 360 degree view, and can accommodate 2 to 3 people laying down, or 6 people sitting up, with added cushions for comfort.